Two Boston Bars Make Esquire’s ‘Best’ List

J.J. Foley's in Boston was founded in 1909.
J.J. Foley's in Boston. –Laurie Swope/The Boston Globe

Esquire Magazine published its annual Best bars in America list, and two Boston pubs made the top 25. If you get your drinks at either J.J Foleys or The Hawthorne, you’re bellying up in one of this country’s elite watering holes.

Esquire breaks down the best bars in each state, too, and the Massachusetts bars selected, for the most part, are the ones you’d expect to see in an Esquire sort of magazine. Drink, Brick and Mortar, and Eastern Standard make the list, among others. Also, interestingly, does Jamaica Plain’s The Drinking Fountain. I don’t think anyone who’s been there would disagree that the Drinking Fountain isn’t as refined as the others listed, which is part of its charm.


From Esquire:

Besides a hall-of-fame dive-bar name, this classic New England corner tap boasts a raffish, mixed-- by any definition of the term--and very gregarious crowd (so perhaps not a place to drag your more delicate friends); strong-ass, cheap-ass drinks; and a jukebox, pool tables, and an aquarium.

The Drinking Fountain make Esquire’s top 25 list in 2013, too. Let’s just hope classy people don’t come and louse the joint up.

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