Who’s Involved in ‘Project Tiger’ and What Do They Want in Cambridge?

The Longfellow Bridge.
The Longfellow Bridge. –David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe

A life sciences company is planning a big move to Cambridge, according to the Boston Business Journal. Dubbed “Project Tiger,’’ the move could mean hundreds of high-level jobs housed in up to 200,000 square feet of office and lab space.

From the BBJ:

Local sources who asked not to be identified have told the Boston Business Journal that the effort, dubbed "Project Tiger," is expected to bring hundreds of new, senior-level executive and administrative jobs to the city. Those same sources also confirmed that the company in question is committed to Cambridge, versus other possible locations in Massachusetts, and has hired Transwestern|RBJ in Boston to find 150,000 to 200,000 square feet of office space, with the expectation of adding another 200,000 square feet of research and laboratory space once its primary move is complete. Transwestern|RBJ did not return calls for this story.

Sounds exciting, right? So who’s behind Project Tiger?

No one knows for sure. During an interview with NECN, BBJ Managing Editor Craig Douglas said he’s heard from several sources the group may involve German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer AG, but that is not confirmed.

Earlier this month, Bayer made waves in the market when it sold a division to Boston Scientific for $415 million. According to the Boston Globe, the division makes a product used to remove blood clots.

The BBJ lists several potential Cambridge locations for Project Tiger, and promises more details in a Friday story.


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