10 Things You Probably Could Have Guessed About Mass. Gov. Candidate Martha Coakley

Martha Coakley
Martha Coakley

You probably know Martha Coakley as the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Democratic frontrunner for governor, but did you know that she has never Googled herself?

The Berkshire County native currently resides in Medford with her husband, retired police Deputy Superintendent Thomas F. O’Connor, Jr., and their Labradors, Jackson and Jefferson.

Here are some facts about Coakley that you won’t find on her campaign website:

1. When she was a kid, Coakley wanted to be fictional detective Nancy Drew.

2. The last live concert she attended was Irish folk group, the “Billy Walsh Band.’’

3. She wishes bell bottoms would come back in style.


4. Her first car was a 1975 Chevrolet Vega.

5. For lunch, she eats Zone Bars. (How indulgent!)

6. The last time she gambled was playing Canasta with her grandmother. (Yawn.)

7. If she wants to imbibe, she reaches for Turtle Creek white wine.

8. Her spirit animal would be a giraffe, because “they stick their necks out.’’

9. The theme song of her life would be “Small Town,’’ by John Mellencamp.

10. Her childhood heroes were Lois Lane, the fictional journalist and love interest of Superman, and Perry Mason, a fictional defense attorney who was the main character in 1930s detective books by Erle Stanley Gardner.

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