Man Crashes Friend’s Classic Corvette into a Marsh

There comes a point in every friendship when there is enough trust and confidence that the two individuals feel comfortable taking things to the next level. All of a sudden there are rides to the airport, double dates, and, yes, even lending that person your car. It’s a serious step, but one that can be immensely rewarding when properly built on a foundation of dedication and bonding.

But unfortunately, sometimes people rush into things they’re simply not ready for. And over the weekend, one man found out what can happen when you don’t have that solid foundation.


The Associated Press reported that an unidentified man lent his friend a red 1971 classic Corvette Stingray for a weekend trip up to Maine. The borrower, 56-year-old Philip Aleo of Malden, was living the dream as he cruised through Wells, Maine on a warm Sunday evening. But then things went horribly wrong.

Aleo lost control and crashed the $20,000 car into two feet of water in a salty marsh.

Fire crews responded to the scene and rescued him from the car, and it was at that point that he probably thought things couldn’t get much worse. But then the police arrived, realized that Aleo had an outstanding warrant for unpaid fines, and took him to jail. Ouch.

Wells Police Lieutenant Jerry Congdon summed up the scene nicely, telling the Associated Press: “Not only did he ruin a friend’s car, he also got arrested. So it was not his best day.’’

But somehow we don’t think that is the end of Aleo’s hardships. According to the report, he was released after paying bail. And while that may be good in theory, prison bars were really the only thing separating him from the friend whose classic car he just totaled.

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