Man Steals Police Cruiser, Forces New Hampshire Community Lockdown

State and local police effectively locked down Kensington, NH Tuesday night as they searched for an armed man who stole two different police cruisers.

From Fox 25 News:

Police say a call originally came in for a suicidal man on his roof. When police arrived on the scene, they saw the man had two guns and they moved to a safer position. The suspect then jumped off the roof and jumped into a Kensington police cruiser. He drove away only to return and steal a N.H. State Police cruiser. He then rammed into a Hampton Falls police car with the State Police car and then shot at officers. The suspect proceeded to back the cruiser into his house and then ran into the woods, officials say.

Police asked residents to stay in their homes while they searched for the suspect, Anthony Reardon. The 44-year-old man was captured later Tuesday night, according to Massachusetts State Police. There was some concern Reardon was walking towards Amesbury, Massachusetts.


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