This Prison on Martha’s Vineyard Looks Beautiful!

Dukes County Jail and House of Correction
Dukes County Jail and House of Correction –WBUR

We all know that Martha’s Vineyard is beautiful: spacious homes, sandy beaches, and rustic gardens abound. Even the Obamas vacation there. So it’s no surprise that a Martha’s Vineyard prison looks like a place you’d want to raise a family.

The Dukes County Jail and House of Correction is located in Edgartown, a town with close to 4,000 inhabitants on Martha’s Vineyard.

According to a recent report from WBUR, Martha’s Vineyard is anything but idyllic.

Since August, according to WBUR, there have been six fatal opiate overdoses on the island, and the frequency of arrests for heroin and other opiates has “skyrocketed.’’ WBUR reports that in 2012, there was one heroin arrest on the island, and last year there were 10.


So it’s no surprise then, that the Dukes County Jail has been housing a few more inmates of late.

Dukes County Sheriff Michael McCormick told WBUR that on busy summer holiday weekends, “as many as 60 people are locked up,’’ and a common saying is “Come to the Vineyard on vacation, leave on probation.’’ (Yikes.)

From the outside, you’d never know it was a jail.

The spacious white historic home, complete with picturesque black shutters, a tiny porch, and a landscaped yard, looks better fit for a game of croquet than housing dozens of inmates.

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