Bedford Firefighters Deliver 2 Babies in One Month

Bedford Firefighters have had a busy month, delivering not one, but two babies before their mothers could arrive at the hospital.

Firefighters Michael Sargent and Brian Oates were in the back of an ambulance transporting a soon-to-be-mom to a Boston hospital Wednesday morning.

The group made it to the Sullivan Square exit on I-93 before the kid decided they had gone far enough — it was time.

In the heat of the moment, Sargent said the imminent birth put him in “reactive mode,’’ noting he was mostly concerned about catching — and especially not dropping — the newborn.

Though he’s fought fires for six years, the veteran said this was his first time assisting a birth.


“It’s something you learn in EMT school, and you try to stay up on your skills,’’ Sargent said. “You hope it all comes back to you when the time was right.’’

“[That way] you are able to give it to Mom real quick, because all she wants to do is hold it,’’ he said. “[She] went from anger and pain to smiles and joy…very relieved.’’

“It was very cool to see the joy on [the parents’] faces,’’ he added.

Sargent actually went to high school with colleague Matt Busa, who delivered a baby in a Bedford home last month — prompting some friendly competition between the brother firefighters.

“I had to one up him, right?’’ Sargent laughed.

The parents were still deciding on a name by the time first responders left them at the hospital.

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