Police Call for ‘Caution’ Near Esplanade at Night After Series of Attacks

The Charles River Esplanade
The Charles River Esplanade –GLOBE

As the weather gets warmer, it’s tempting to go for a jog on the Charles River Esplanade in the evening. You might have some cause for pause, however, after authorities today asked for renewed caution near the area at night.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, Massachusetts State Police Colonel Timothy P. Alben, and Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans reminded residents, visitors and students to “exercise caution’’ on the Esplanade, particularly at night, “in light of past sexual assaults in that area.’’

They recommended that visitors remain alert and aware of their surroundings, and asked that joggers, pedestrians, and cyclists travel in groups if at all possible.


According to Suffolk prosecutors, Massachusetts State Police, and Boston Police, at least four sexual assaults have been linked to a single perpetrator who has not yet been identified. Three of the assaults took place along the Esplanade, while one took place in South Boston’s Moakley Park.

All assaults targeted women walking or jogging alone, either late at night or early in the morning.

The victims collectively described their assailants as being a clean-shaven African-American male in his mid-20s to mid-30s, standing 5'8" to 5'10". At the time of the attacks, he had a medium to large build and a bald head or closely-cropped hair with a widow's peak.

Colonel Alben said law enforcement has “committed numerous assets, both human and technological, to enhancing safety on the Esplanade.’’

If you see anything suspicious, they ask that you call 911 immediately and report it.

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