Brockton Enterprise: Witness Claims Police SUV Hit Pedestrian, Sped Away

A witness believes police struck a pedestrian crossing a Brockton road and then left the scene of the collision. The Brockton Enterprise spoke with the resident, who said he heard the impact on Saturday morning and saw a police SUV speeding away.

Nathan Godley Jr. told the Enterprise he was on a Turner Street porch with a family when they saw a black SUV race down the street, heard an impact, and saw the police SUV speeding away. He also told the paper he heard officers talk about the incident when they arrived later with an ambulance to tend to the injured man.


The Enterprise reports:

Godley was with his family outside their house waiting for the ambulance to come when police arrived.

He said he overheard one police officer say to another, "What the hell did you do?" and another officer replied, "I didn't even know I hit him."

Godley then said he saw police officers wiping the front of a SUV police cruiser.

The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital. Brockton Police told The Enterprise there was a police chase happening in the city at the same time of the pedestrian accident. They are investigating both cases to see if the two were linked. They also said no cruisers involved in the chase appeared damaged, according to the Enterprise.

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