21 Arrested at Transportation Sit-In Protest


Twenty-one protesters were arrested Monday night after an hours-long sit-in at the Department of Transportation. State Police said 11 women and 10 men were led away in cuffs after they refused to leave the Transportation Building two hours after the building closed.

Any protester without outstanding warrants would be released tonight on $40 bail, according to State Police.

According to the Weekly Dig, the protest was staged by “Youth Pass’’ activists, who have waged a seven-year campaign demanding “a more affordable youth ridership program’’ on the MBTA.

From the Dig:

Inside, protesters sat through the late morning and afternoon waiting, somewhat patiently, to meet with Davey. Most only brought light snacks and minimal water, expecting that organizers would be able to bring them lunch, but security refused to let in any outsiders. As these things go, the situation quickly begat a police state. About five troopers, as well as cops, uniformed and otherwise, scattered about the transportation building. Some officers covertly maneuvered through a door on the back wall of the 7-11 on Stuart Street. Serious business.

On the Youth Affordabili(T) Coalition website, the group demanded a $10 monthly T youth pass, given to all children and young adults ages12-21. According to the group, Transportation Secretary Richard Davey commited to trying a Youth Pass pilot program but has yet to implement the idea.


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