Justina Pelletier Begs for Release


Justina Pelletier, the Connecticut teenager at the center of a lengthy custody battle between hospitals and her family, will reportedly be released.

Pelletier, who has been living in foster care and a residential treatment center in Connecticut, appeared in a YouTube video today pleading for Massachusetts officials to send her home.

The video shows Pelletier begging to be released. “All I really want to be with is with my family and friends,’’ she said. “Please let me go home right now.’’

The Boston Globe reported that state officials have taken steps to return Pelletier to her parents:

"Late Friday, Massachusetts Health and Human Services filed a motion for reconsideration and dismissal agreeing that Justina should be returned home and the case should be closed," said Mathew Staver, a lawyer with Liberty Counsel, which is representing Pelletier’s parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier.

Reverend Patrick Mahoney, the Pelletier family’s spokesperson, told the Globe: “Through the entire 16 months of this tragedy, the one person we’ve not heard from publicly is Justina herself. Now we can see her in her own words asking Judge Jonston and Governor Patrick for her release.’’


Pelletier was placed under state care after doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital concluded her condition resulted from psychological issues, rather than the rare mitochondrial disorder her parents say she suffers from. In February 2013 doctors alleged Pelletier was the victim of child abuse and custody was granted to the Department of Children and Families.

Read the full Globe story here.

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