Prosecutors: Brockton Man Repeatedly Ran Over Romantic Rival

Plymouth County prosecutors charged a Brockton man with murder after he allegedly ran over a man several times. The suspect, Dana Waller, ran over Stephen Dill multiple times while driving an SUV, according to The Boston Globe. Waller was arrested today in Dorchester.

From the Globe:

Witnesses told investigators that on May 3 at about 2 a.m. they saw a maroon sport utility vehicle turn into a man's driveway off Nilsson Street in Brockton. The car then allegedly drove into the man, ran over him a second time while backing up, and then drove forward, hitting the man a third time, the district attorney's office has said.

Dill was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead, according to the Globe.

Waller had previously been arraigned on lesser charges connected to the May 3 incident. During a court appearance on Monday, prosecutors said Dill and Waller were both romantically involved with Waller’s wife, according to The Brockton Enterprise.

The deadly hit-and-run was not the only violent interaction reported between the men, according to The Enterprise:

Dill and Waller were allegedly involved in another incident on April 14 when Waller "sucker punched" Dill, Healey said.

"There is a bad relationship between the two of them because very simply the alleged victim had been stalking my client's wife," said Kenneth Diesenhof, Waller's attorney. "As a matter of fact, my client's wife was so concerned about this, she took out a restraining order against him."

According to the clerk's office, there are no Brockton District Court restraining orders taken out against Dill.

Waller will be arraigned on the murder charge Tuesday in Brockton Superior Court, according to The Enterprise.


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