Tinted Windows Lead to Gun, Drug Arrests in Roxbury

A gun recovered by Boston Police during a June 8 traffic stop.
A gun recovered by Boston Police during a June 8 traffic stop. –Boston Police Department

Tinted windows led Boston Police to gun and drug arrests on Sunday. According to police, officers stopped a car on Dale and Washington Street because of the heavy tint on the car’s windows.

Turns out the driver didn’t have a license. But he did have a gun police believe was stolen out of Vermont, according to the officers.

From the police:

While speaking to the operator, officers learned that the operator was not licensed to drive a motor vehicle as his license had been suspended. As such, officers arrested the operator. A search of the vehicle incident to the arrest of the operator enabled officers to see and take possession of a loaded fireman and approximately 35 grams of a Class B Drug (Cocaine).

Shawn Meyers, 24, of Roxbury was arrested by police and charged with several gun violations and driving with a suspended license. His passenger, Malik Parsons, 19, of Dorchester, was arrested and charged with cocaine possession.

Meyers was also cited for the window tint.


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