Arlington Dad Charged with Threatening Principal

The Stratton School.
The Stratton School. –Town of Arlington

Arlington Police will charge a father with threatening an elementary school principal after the dad showed his gun license during an argument.

According to police, Robert Goodwin, 40, of Arlington was called into the Stratton School on June 4 for a conference with principal Michael Hanna. The two men began to argue.

“During an argument, Goodwin allegedly removed a Massachusetts License to Carry Firearms from his wallet, showed it to the principal, and made references to owning firearms,’’ wrote police in a statement released Tuesday evening.

In a Sunday interview with the Boston Herald, Goodwin said he never threatened Hanna.

From the Herald:

Goodwin said Wednesday's argument was over a picture his son drew in art class of Gru, the main character in the movie "Despicable Me," "shooting ping-pong balls at his minions," which school officials thought was sexual in nature.

Goodwin has been stripped of his license to carry and was barred from the school, according to police.


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