Museum of Fine Arts Jabs Back at The Onion

The Onion took aim at the Museum of Fine Arts and its quilt collection.
The Onion took aim at the Museum of Fine Arts and its quilt collection. –Roy Collection Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is a wonderful place to explore. From Cyrus Dallin’s “Appeal to the Great Spirit’’ outside the building to—yes—the quilt exhibit inside, the museum brings a lot of culture to Boston.

But it’s no Catch A Rising Star. Hell, it’s not even comedy night at Prince House of Pizza up on Route 1. Thankfully, they didn’t try to out-laugh the original joke.

The Onion took aim at the august institution on Monday with the headline “Shitty Museum Doesn’t Even Have a Mona Lisa.’’ On Tuesday, the MFA shot back with these burns:


In fairness, there’s not a lot the MFA could do. You can’t outfunny a staff that spends its entire day writing funny headlines, and getting snippy would be petty. Taking the punch and drawing attention to next year’s da Vinci exhibit was as good a response as the MFA could have made.

The museum’s response was better than the last big Boston-Onion kerfuffle over its story “Pretty Cute Watching Boston Residents Play Daily Game Of ‘Big City’.’’ That one hit us right in our communal gut, leading to endless chin-wagging and navel-gazing about how someone, somewhere doesn’t agree that we’re the best city ever. All over a joke.

Bully for the MFA for getting the tone just right. But what about the quilts? Won’t anyone defend these magnificent freaking quilts?

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