Boston Globe: Coakley Holds Massive Lead Over Grossman

Martha Coakley.
Martha Coakley. –John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe

Martha Coakley holds a 35-point lead over hear nearest rival Steve Grossman in the race for the democratic gubernatorial nomination, according to a new poll released by The Boston Globe. At 49 percent, Coakley’s support eclipses the combined 22 percent support for Grossman and fellow democratic gubernatorial candidates Juliette Kayyem, Don Berwick, and Joe Avellone.

From the Globe:

The results confirm what other public polls have shown: that Coakley remains by the far the most popular candidate among likely Democratic voters, even though party insiders say the activist base appears poised to endorse Grossman at this weekend’s convention in Worcester.

“Although the delegates in Worcester may disagree, Democrats who tell us they are likely to vote in September hold very strong and very favorable views of Martha Coakley,’’ said John Della Volpe, the chief executive of SocialSphere Inc., which conducted the poll.

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