Foreclosure Law Firm Evicted from Woburn Office

A law firm that specialized in foreclosing on Massachusetts homeowners is facing eviction from its Woburn offices.

According to a Mass Lawyers Weekly investigation, Connolly, Geaney, Ablitt & Willard has failed to pay rent, stopped paying insurance premiums, and bounced checks in the past few months. Aside from the eviction, employees lost their health insurance coverage, according to the investigation.

Steven Ablitt, who told Lawyers Weekly he was no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm despite company records listing him as an owner, denied many of the details uncovered in the investigation.

From Mass Lawyers Weekly:

Many of the answers Ablitt provided in interviews directly contradicted emails obtained by Lawyers Weekly. For example, Ablitt said he knew nothing about the firm writing bad checks. But in a March 12 email to employees, he directly referenced them: "There were a rash of bounced checks that occurred due to Durham's temporary shutdown of funding and to an unapproved business practice implemented by the former CFO."

Similarly, despite claiming in an interview not to know anything about insurance premiums not being paid, Ablitt sent an email to employees on May 13 updating them on that precise situation.

And while he and Geaney claimed that the foreclosure had nothing to do with the law firm, Ablitt told employees on March 12 that the foreclosure was "the result of [former CFO Robert Feige's] decision not to pay the rent/mortgage."

Click here to read the full Mass Lawyers Weekly story.


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