Rockland Man Accused of Killing Wife Smoked Cigarette as She Died

A probable cause report filed in court today says Richard Langley, the 56-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing his wife Patricia Langley, 52, outside their Rockland home on Wednesday night, was smoking a cigarette on the home’s front porch when police arrived and even admitted to authorities that he was responsible for the stabbing.

The Boston Globe reported that the court documents, filed today ahead of Langley’s arraignment on murder charges, contain the grisly details from the scene of the crime, including the man’s “cold, stone fashion’’ admission.

From The Globe:

When police arrived, Richard Langley's clothing and hands were covered in blood. A few feet away, Patricia Langley was still alive, but bleeding and struggling for breath, police said in a report.

"My husband stabbed me," Patricia Langley told police, according to the report. "He killed me."

When officers questioned Richard Langley, 56, he admitted he had stabbed her, using an expletive to describe her.

As police led him in handcuffs past his wounded wife, Richard Langley said "Die" to his wife repeatedly, using the expletive again, and tried to kick her, the report said. A few minutes later, he asked police if his wife had died, using the expletive.

According to a WCVB report, the documents said that Langley told police he stabbed his wife because she had cheated on him. He reportedly told them the confrontation started when he asked her about sexually explicit text messages on her cell phone. He claims she responded by charging at him with a knife, at which point he forced the knife from her hand and stabbed her.


The Globe report added that two adult daughters lived at the home but were not there when the incident took place.

Neighbors tried to put pressure on Patricia Langley’s wounds, but she died shortly after being rushed to a nearby hospital. According to the WCVB report, she was a school teacher in Rockland that worked with special needs students.

Richard Langley is set to be arraigned today in Hingham District Court.

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