Send Us Your MBTA Sighting of Mayor Marty Walsh

Mayor Marty Walsh
Mayor Marty Walsh –GLOBE

In honor of “Boston Idea Week,’’ Mayor Marty Walsh will be riding the MBTA to work tomorrow: We want pictures, so send us your sightings.

A press release from the mayor’s office stated that Walsh and Massachusetts Department of Transportation Secretary Richard A. Davey will be departing from the Ashmont Station between 7:15 and 7:30 a.m.

They will be taking mass transportation in order to “highlight the importance of public transportation in supporting Boston’s regional innovation economy,’’ according to the press release.

A photo-op of Walsh, Davey and Senior Vice President of Gilbrane Building Company Ryan Hutchins will take place in front of the IdeaPaint Wall at Ashmont before their work commute.

Gilbrane Building Company sponsored temporary walls at three MBTA stations to spur “bold conversations and creative solutions’’ to societal challenges.

Boston Idea Week runs till Thursday, June 19.


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