Boston Makes US Short List for 2024 Summer Olympics

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Boston has made the United States Olympic Committee’s short list of potential host cities for the 2024 Summer Olympics, The Boston Globe reports.

The USOC board of directors trimmed the number of possible US host cities for the 2024 Summer Games to an official short list at a meeting Tuesday in Cambridge, but declined at the time to reveal which cities made the cut. An official announcement could come as soon as today.

According to, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. also made the short list of US host cities.

“We’re extremely pleased with the level of interest U.S. cities have shown in hosting the Games, said USOC CEO Scott Blackmun. “Boston, LA, San Francisco and Washington have each given us reason to believe they can deliver a compelling and successful bid, and we look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities as we consider 2024.’’

The USOC began the process 16 months ago when it reached out to 35 US cities. Since then the organization focused on a smaller group of interested cities before developing a short list of candidates.

Dallas and San Diego were also in the running, but did not make the final cut. New York City and Philadelphia recently dropped out of the bidding process.


The USOC will spend the next several months visiting all of the cities on the short list to build relationships, review plans, and make sure the cities are able to meet all the needs of the Olympic Games before deciding whether or not to submit a US city to compete for the 2024 Olympics.

The US has not hosted the Summer Olympics since 1996, when it was held in Atlanta. Los Angeles hosted the Summer Games in 1984 and 1932, and St. Louis hosted the Summer Games in 1904.

There has been mixed reaction to Boston possibly being the host city. A group called “No Boston Olympics’’ believes “there are better ways to invest public resources than throwing a three-week party for the global elite, while hard-working citizens foot the bill.’’

Another group called Boston 2026 thinks the city would be better suited to host the Winter Olympics in 2026.

Boston’s bid for the 2024 Games has been driven by local business and civic leaders, according to the Globe report.

While Boston may have made the short list, the road to the Olympics is a long and difficult process.

The election of a host city takes place seven years before the Games, and the bidding process before that lasts two years. So, the USOC will need to decide by next year which US city, if any, it will put forth to compete with bids from around the world. After the international bidding process, the International Olympic Committee will select the host city for the 2024 Olympics in 2017.

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