Man Charged with Armed Robbery After Failed Attempt to Steal $308 Worth of Shrimp

An aisle in the Worcester Price Chopper.
An aisle in the Worcester Price Chopper. –File Photo/The Boston Globe

Somebody’s really into scampi.

Police said John Pinard, 37, of Spencer, was seen filling bags with about $308 — yes, $308 — worth of shrimp at the Park Avenue Price Chopper in Worcester before attempting to stroll out without paying Thursday.

Judging by the price listed in the store’s weekly flyer, that’s a staggering 34 pounds of shrimp.

Confronted by a manager, Pinard allegedly hit him “several times’’ with his shopping cart, catching the attention of another employee, who also intervened.

In the end, all three were tussling on the ground when Pinard threatened to stab them with a hypodermic needle, according to police. He then allegedly ditched the shrimp and sped away in a gold Ford Explorer.


It was then that Pinard’s alleged attempt at crustacean liberation hit another snag — police said the suspect left behind a bottle of medicine with his name on the label.

After some investigation, police discovered Pinard also had two outstanding warrants for larceny from a person. Police confronted Pinard at his home and said he was later identified by store employees.

Pinard was charged with assault with armed robbery, assault with a hypodermic needle, larceny over $250 and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Well, at least no shell casings were found at the scene.

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