Wrentham Cops Break Into Truck to Rescue Dog

–Wrentham Police Department

Wrentham Police broke into a truck parked near the Wrentham Mall Sunday to free an overheated dog locked inside. According to a police statement posted on Facebook, officers broke into the vehicle, parked outside in a Wrentham Premium Outlets parking lot, to give the dog fresh air and some water.

Wrentham is especially attuned to the needs of pets left in cars after one dog died several months ago in the same parking lot, according to the statement.

From Wrentham Police:

Even when you crack the window and leave water for the dog, the temperature inside the vehicle rises fast, within minutes. Your dog can become sick and die a lot quicker than you think. Leave the dog at home.

The temperature in a car with windows shut can increase by 40 degrees in just an hour, according to PetFinder. Even on a cool day in the lower 70s, that means temperatures can quickly climb to over 110 degrees in the car. Cracking the windows doesn’t help slow or stunt the spike in temperatures, according to PetFinder.


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