A Trip Through Boston in the 1930s

A look at Faneuil Hall in a video about Boston from the 1930s.
A look at Faneuil Hall in a video about Boston from the 1930s. –SCREENSHOT

Ever wanted to time travel? Here is the closest you are going to get, for today at least. Take a trip through Boston in the 1930s.

Don’t forget to turn up the volume!

This film is narrated explaining the history of some of Boston’s most famous sites and includes songs such as Yankee Doodle.

See the Swan Boats in the Public Garden (Yes! They are safe, as the narrator proclaims), the “old’’ houses of Beacon Street, an aerial view of downtown, the Old North Church, Lexington (check out the reenactors), Bunker Hill, Massachusetts Ave. which is “teeming with traffic,’’ Cambridge, and ending in an overview of the city by plane.


“What inspiration and hope have been given to hosts of American youths,’’ the narrator said. “Perplexed with problems and uncertainties. Who have stood on the banks of the smoothly flowing Charles, dreaming their dreams of future conquest.’’

Beware: This video may evoke great Boston pride.

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