Police are Escorting Sand to Winthrop Beaches. Seriously.

Small waves pound Winthrop Beach. The heavy machinery in rear marks the "beach nourishment-northern section" project. Also visible are Water Tower Hill, right, and Deer Island, left. –Pat greenhouse/The Boston Globe

Residents in Saugus, Revere and Winthrop have repeatedly witnessed a bizarre sight: Police cruisers and SUVs screaming into intersections, blocking traffic in all directions to allow massive dump trucks to speed down the road.

Without any context, it’s kind of freaky. All you could think about afterwards was “What the hell is in those trucks?’’

WBZ found out: Police are escorting sand to a Winthrop beach.

For real. It’s just sand.

It’s part of a $25 million “renourishment and restoration’’ project for eroded beaches in Winthrop.

WBZ Boston reports:

The state defends the use of the police details because they say this really is a public safety issue and they say the details will help expedite the project because otherwise the trucks would be stuck in traffic all day long.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation say $2.6 million has been set aside for the police details. At the loading spot in Saugus WBZ counted nine cruisers at one time.

According to the Department of Recreation and Conservation’s web page about the project, restoring the beaches will help with flooding after major storms. The project will also help DCR expand Rumney Marsh along the Revere-Saugus border.

From DCR:

As anyone who watches TV news weather reports knows, during major storms, Winthrop Beach is routinely subject to overtopping of the seawall and major flooding of Winthrop Shore Drive and surrounding roads and properties. DCR’s much-needed shore protection project is designed to better fortify Winthrop Beach against the full force of northeast storms and natural beach erosion. The nourishment will also result in an expanded beach area for recreational use.

So yes, the project is important. But should the trucks involved be treated like a Presidential motorcade?


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