Conn. Police: Robber with Machete Targeting Dunkin’ Donuts Locations

The suspect was captured on surveillance footage during his latest robbery in early June.
The suspect was captured on surveillance footage during his latest robbery in early June. –Manchester Police Department

Armed robbers who target Dunkin’ Donuts locations are unfortunately nothing new in Greater Boston, with each new report seemingly barely raising any eyebrows anymore.

But in the Hartford, Conn., area, at least one thief with Dunkin’ Donuts in his sights upped the ante considerably by bringing a machete along with him, according to officials.

The suspect struck a Manchester, Conn., store earlier this month by employing another unique approach in addition to his unique weapon: When he walked up to the front door and found it locked, he maneuvered himself through the drive-thru window, reported local TV station News 8.

After pulling out his machete and ordering employees to give him the store’s money during the early-morning heist, he reportedly fled the same innovative way that he entered.

A camera showed the suspect as he approached the Manchester, Conn., location. —Manchester Police Department

Surveillance photos show that the suspect concealed his identity with dark shades, a bandana over his mouth, and the hood from his sweatshirt covering a baseball cap that appeared to be pulled low.

Police believe that this may not have been the suspect’s first time using a machete to attempt to rob a Dunkin’, reported the Hartford Courant.

About a week earlier, two men — one with a machete — unsuccessfully tried to give the same treatment to a store in New Haven.

The same man in the Manchester incident may also be responsible for recently holding up a nearby gas station while armed with a machete, reported NECN.

In each case, there were no injuries.

Police are encouraging anyone with information about the robberies and attempted robbery to contact them.

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