Vt. Family Arrested after Canobie Lake Park Altercation

Riders on DaVinci's Dream at Canobie Lake Park.
Riders on DaVinci's Dream at Canobie Lake Park. –DAVID LYON

Two Salem, N.H., police officers were injured at Canobie Lake Park after they say an altercation arose with a family who allegedly refused to leave their knives in their car.

According to WMUR, a Vermont family allegedly became aggressive after being told by amusement park security that they “could not enter the park with the knives they were carrying in their belts.’’ They were asked to leave the weapons in the car.

Two Salem police officers were called to the front gate by park security, where police say one family member apparently began yelling profanities at the officers.

WMUR reports:

While attempting to handcuff the man, several family members attacked the officers, including jumping on their backs, punching, kicking and grabbing for their weapons, according to police.

In addition to cuts and bruises, one officer sustained a “serious shoulder injury,’’ but was treated and released from an area hospital.

Police told WMUR that five members of the Perry family were taken into custody.


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