Two Lynn Toddlers Scalded By Water

Two brothers in Lynn, one of them two years old and the other three years old, were taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter after they suffered serious burns from hot water in a bathtub while under the supervision of a babysitter.

Lynn Police confirmed to that the two young children were Medflighted Wednesday morning because of severe burns.

According to a The Boston Globe report, the brothers were “severely burned… by hot bathtub water,’’ with 3-year-old Leland Young suffering second-degree burns over 80 percent of his body and 2-year-old Landon Young suffering second-degree burns on half of his body.


The report said both boys were initially taken to Massachusetts General Hospital before being transferred to Shriners Hospital for Children-Boston, where Leland was listed in stable condition and his younger brother was listed as critical, but stable.

WHDH reported that the older boy’s burns were on his torso and groin and the younger boy’s burns were on his back.

With the boys receiving treatment for their injuries, investigators are now turning their attention toward the 21-year-old man who was babysitting them.

CBS Boston reported Charles Collins, the 21-year-old man’s father, said his son often looked after the boys and was babysitting when he left them in the tub unattended.

From CBS Boston:

[Collins] told reporters his son left the children in the tub briefly to use a bathroom in a friend’s apartment and the three-year-old turned the hot water on.

The babysitter’s father said his son told him that when he returned the boys were screaming and trying to get out of the tub.

The CBS Boston report added that officials are trying to verify that story, but are also looking into whether the babysitter did not leave the apartment, but rather fell asleep.

Fox 25 reported that police are also looking into whether the water exceeded state temperature regulations, which mandate water cannot be heated to more than 130 degrees.

No charges have been filed and the Department of Children and Families is also investigating the incident.

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