N.H. 5th Grader Bikes to School Every Day, Is Better Than Your Mail Carrier

Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow could stop Will Hindle from his mission to ride his bike to school every day for a year, including our bitter, snow-filled winter. And today, he’ll complete that mission with his final ride to Rye Elementary School in Rye, New Hampshire.

WHDH reported that Hindle set the goal on the first day of school when a teacher told him to set a goal for himself, even if it wasn’t academic.

From WHDH:

“We just met one-on-one one day after school and talked about setting goals, and it didn’t have to be an academic goal, so I picked biking,’’ Will said.

Through rain and shine, sleet, wind and snow Will made it to school every day riding his bike from home.

“It was a really long and snowy, cold, icy winter. Most days during the snow I fell,’’ he said.

Sea Coast Online reported that Hindle’s mother would follow him in her car on days with bad weather, but that even when she offered him a ride, he refused and stuck with it.


Eventually, the habit caught on with Hindle’s friends, who would join him for the approximately half-mile ride. According to the report, the bike racks at Hindle’s school were soon overcrowded.

Now Hindle plans to finish out his last ride to Rye Elementary before attending a private school next year that is a 20-minute drive from his home – too far to bike to, according to the Sea Coast Online report.

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