Cambridge Police Looking for Man Allegedly ‘Grabbing Women from Behind’

A drawing of what the suspect allegedly looks like.
A drawing of what the suspect allegedly looks like. –SCREENSHOT

The Cambridge Police Department is trying to identify a man who allegedly has been “indecently assaulting’’ women in the area this week.

According to the police department’s website, at around 11:34 p.m. on Tuesday, June 17, police responded to a report that a female was “grabbed from behind’’ at the intersection of Cambridge Street and Ellsworth Avenue.

The police report says:

The suspect, described as a dark skinned male approximately 18-25 years old wearing a bright red t-shirt with dark shorts, was riding a bicycle and had a black backpack

After the suspect fled, the victim contacted police, who searched the area but could not locate the suspect.

Apparently, the suspect left his bike behind, because the police department’s website states that it has been “taken into custody for evidence.’’


The website also states that police believe it could be related to an incident that took place at 11 p.m. on June 14, when a female reported that two males on bicycles approached and grabbed her from behind as she walked down Harvard Street near the intersection with Inman Street.

Police said on their website:

The suspect was described as a male, approximately 18-25 years old with dark curly hair, a light colored t-shirt and dark shorts. Both males fled down Harvard Street toward Harvard Square. Police units thoroughly searched the area, but the suspects were not located.

The investigation is ongoing.

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