Report: New Hampshire Asking Residents to Test Well Water for Toxins

With nearly half of all residents in the Granite State using private wells, state officials are concerned about whether the water is maintained as safe to drink.

According to CBS Boston, the 46 percent of residents who use wells are not required to test them, but state officials are concerned that people are not following the recommended guidelines that include testing every three to five years.

From CBS Boston:

After samples are collected in the field, they’re sent to labs like Nelson Analytical in Manchester where technicians test for all sorts of toxins. And often, they find high levels of unhealthy contaminants.

“We’re finding arsenic above EPA’s threshold level at approximately a rate of 30 to 40 percent of the samples that we analyze,’’ said Andrew Nelson, owner and lab director. “So it’s significant.’’

Drinking water with contaminants can lead to a host of health issues. Only testing will show if there are elevated levels of toxins.

The report cited one expert who said most well water should be safe to drink so long as tanks are properly maintained.


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