Veterans Angry After Danvers Town Hall Swaps POW/MIA Flag for LGBT Flag

Earlier this month, Danvers removed the POW/MIA flag outside Town Hall and put up the rainbow flag to mark Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Pride Month, leaving some veterans very unhappy, WBZ reports.

“We just feel that spot to us is a sacred spot,’’ said World War II veteran Bruce Eaton, who believes the pride flag is more a political statement. “We think the public should be constantly reminded that these boys were the ones that preserved our right to hang banners and flags in places that we decide.’’

It’s the second year the pride flag has flown, and it’s a point of pride for openly gay Selectman David Mills, who believes Danvers took a step forward.“I feel included, part of my own community and I feel more welcome here,’’ said Mills.

The town, however, was able to reach a compromise recently. The rainbow flag will be moved to another pole that has the Massachusetts state flag for the rest of the month, and the POW/MIA flag will be return to its original place since it can only be flown under the stars and stripes.


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