Officials Confirm Third Fatality in Overnight Train-SUV Collision

Crews examine the scene after a train collided with an SUV in Mansfield, Mass.
Crews examine the scene after a train collided with an SUV in Mansfield, Mass. –Courtesy MBTA Transit Police

Authorities confirmed a third fatality in the collision between an Amtrak train and an SUV overnight in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Investigators did not originally find the third body because of the large size of the scene of the crash.

MBTA Transit Police confirmed the first two fatalities in the collision earlier this morning. The police statement said both victims – one male and one female – were occupants of the SUV.

But at an 11 a.m. press conference, officials said that a third victim, a male that had also been in the vehicle, had been found. Investigators did not find the victim earlier “because of the large area of the scene.’’


Officials speaking at the press conference also announced that the Federal Railroad Administration is on the scene as the investigation continues. They described the scene of the incident as heavily wooded and logistically difficult, making it harder to find answers, most notably how the SUV managed to get on the tracks. WCVB reported that the truck was driving on the tracks at the time of the incident, and that two of the victims were thrown from the vehicle.

Authorities added that the collision was at a high speed and that the track speed in the area of the incident was 125 miles per hour.

There were no injuries reported for the passengers and crew on board the train. An MBTA train took the passengers to Boston after the incident.

The officials at the press conference added that all train service is running, but is “heavily impacted’’ by the ongoing investigation.

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