Boston’s WFXT Traded by Fox to Cox Media

You learn something new every day. Apparently corporate media giants can trade local television stations like baseball players.

On Tuesday Fox Television Stations announced it has traded WFXT and a Memphis station to Cox Media Group for two San Francisco stations. WFXT will remain a Fox affiliate, so don’t expect any changes to your prime time viewing (aside from Fox canceling quality efforts like “I Wanna Marry Harry’’). The deal must meet regulatory muster before it can be completed, according to Fox.

The reaction has been quiet in the Boston area, especially on WFXT’s website, which as of Tuesday night had no mention of the deal. Adam Gaffin at Universal Hub wants to know whether this move would clear the way for Rupert Murdoch to buy the Boston Herald. Dan Kennedy, meanwhile, is pressing Cox to keep the WFXT’s news operation in one piece.


Kennedy’s concerns aren’t without merit. According to the Los Angeles Times, WFXT’s General Manager Gregg Kelley is part of the deal. He’ll run the two San Francisco stations traded to Fox. And Cox cut staff at several of its newspaper holdings in 2011, according to Poynter.

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