Video Shows 16-18-Foot Great White Shark in Cape Cod Bay

–F/V Cynthia C via Facebook

Heading to Cape Cod this summer? You’re going to need a bigger boat. On Monday morning a fisherman captured video of what he described to Boston Magazine as a 16-18-foot Great White shark off the coast of Cape Cod.

A spokesperson for the Division of Marine Fisheries of Massachusetts told that John Chisolm, a marine fisheries biologist for the state, confirmed that the video depicted a Great White.

Captain Tyler Macallister and his crew members spotted the massive female shark while fishing for tuna in Cape Cod Bay. “That is a huge white shark, dude,’’ Macallister said as he filmed from the side of his boat, the F/V Cynthia C. “This thing’s got to be 18 feet long.’’


The crew approached the shark after seeing it from a distance, circling it briefly and taking a short video. Macallister posted the one-and-a-half-minute clip on Facebook and included in the caption: “We are editing some much better video which we will post later. This was a 16 to 18’ female that hung around the boat for 10 minutes. I was very much in awe by the grace and beauty of this animal.’’

The video has been shared on Facebook over 700 times as of Tuesday afternoon and has reportedly garnered Macallister a lot of attention. Jeffrey Richardson, first mate on the ship, told Boston Magazine: “His phone has been blowing up all day.’’

Richardson also said of the experience: “It’s not our first encounter, but it’s a pretty rare encounter.’’

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