Former Boston Anchor to Replace Diane Sawyer at ABC

David Muir back in his WCVB days.
David Muir back in his WCVB days. –Handout photo

We all knew the kid would make good someday.

David Muir, one-time reporter and anchor at WCVB in Boston, will replace Diane Sawyer as Managing Editor and Anchor of ABC’s nightly news broadcast, “World News Tonight.’’

George Stephanopoulos was named Chief Anchor of ABC News. He’ll take the helm during breaking news events and on big news nights like elections, according to ABC.

Muir, a New York native, spent three years at WCVB in Boston, working as a reporter and anchor for the station. He won an Edward R. Murrow award for his reporting there.

Like proud parents, WCVB trumpeted Muir’s promotion on its Wednesday night News Center 5 broadcast.

Sawyer will remain at ABC, where she will “create innovative specials and tackle big issues and ideas,’’ according to the network.


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