Globe: Alleged Teacher Killer Showed Signs of Psychosis

Phillip Chism in Salem Superior Court in 2013.
Phillip Chism in Salem Superior Court in 2013. –Paul Bilodeau/AP

Teenage rape and murder suspect Phillip Chism showed signs of psychosis after he allegedly attacked a female worker at a Dorchester juvenile detention facility. The diagnosis was included in a court filing released on Tuesday.

The Boston Globe reports:

Authorities have alleged that Chism was armed with a pencil when he followed a counselor at the Dorchester facility into a staff bathroom and choked, stabbed, and punched her. She declined medical attention after the incident.

After being restrained, Chism “presented immediately with psychotic symptoms, yelling, screaming incoherently, [and] foaming at the mouth,’’ the filing said.

A lawyer for Chism declined to comment on Tuesday.

Chism, 15, is being held on charges stemming from the 2013 rape and murder of Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer. In that case, prosecutors allege Chism followed Ritzer into a school bathroom, where he attacked and raped her before cutting her throat and dragging her body to a nearby wooded area.

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