Man Allegedly Takes Photos Up Woman’s Skirt on the MBTA

Joshua Gonsalves of Norwood
Joshua Gonsalves of Norwood –MBTA Transit Police

A Norwood man may be the first person to face charges for taking photos up a woman’s skirt on the MBTA since the state updated “upskirting’’ laws in March.

MBTA transit police arrested Joshua Gonsalves, 23, on Tuesday after a woman at Forest Hills Station reported that he had used an iPad to take pictures up her skirt.

According to The Boston Globe:

After police escorted Gonsalves off the bus, he allegedly told them he had heard on the news it was not illegal to “take pictures up a girl’s skirt,’’ Transit Police said.

In March the Supreme Judicial court dismissed “Peeping Tom’’ charges against a man accused of taking pictures up women’s skirts on the MBTA. A new “upskirting’’ law was passed a day after the ruling, making the practice a misdemeanor.


Gonsalves will be arraigned today in West Roxbury Municipal Court.

Read the full Boston Globe article here.

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