Needs Your Help Indoctrinating Two New Writers from New York’s new writers Eric Levenson, left, and Sara Morrison, right.’s new writers Eric Levenson, left, and Sara Morrison, right. just hired two new writers, Sara Morrison and Eric Levenson, who moved here this week from that big city with the obnoxious baseball team.

We’re desperate to make them as Boston as possible as quickly as possible. There’s no official hazing ritual for new hires, but we need some kind of full Boston immersion program, without which we run the risk of these two sitting around writing glowing stories about New York. And we obviously cannot have that.

So what could you do over the course of a day or two to become a real Bostonian?


– Navigate the streets around Government Center?

– Make them wait for the Green line on a Sunday afternoon?

– Buy scalped tickets at Fenway?

– Spend a full day eating only at Dunkin’ Donuts?

But what else? There have to be more ways to get the REAL Boston experience. Send us your suggestions! We’ll pick the best ideas, get the hazing underway, and report back.

Tweet your suggestions to @lilsarg or email them to

And follow Sara and Eric on Twitter (@saramorrison and @ejleven) to watch as they learn how to navigate rotaries, turn right on red, and order jimmies.

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