Teen’s First Driving Lesson Does Not Go Well

Unidentified onlookers at the scene of the accident.
Unidentified onlookers at the scene of the accident. –WALTHAM POLICE

A teen’s first driving lesson in Waltham Friday afternoon may prove to be their most important.

Waltham Police tweeted this picture of a flipped car on Calvary Street, in which a student driver and their passenger luckily sustained only “very minor’’ injuries.

A woman who claimed to witness the crash said the car hit a tree, causing it to flip.

“First driving lesson didn’t go very well,’’ the tweet’s author observed.

Here’s hoping the teen takes the constructive life lesson in stride and gives it a (safer) second try — assuming their parents let them behind the wheel anytime in the near future.

While it’s not the best first day behind the wheel, there have been worse — check out this Reddit thread of driving instructor horror stories, including a driver that ran over two cats on their first lesson.


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