One Fund’s Second Distribution to Address ‘Invisible Injuries’

A memorial for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings from April 2013 is pictured.
A memorial for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings from April 2013 is pictured. –EPA

On Friday, the charity that benefits those injured and otherwise affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings finalized the protocol for its second distribution of funds.

The One Fund has about $19 million to distribute to victims based on the severity of injury, including the loss of life and other physical injury.

Eligible applicants have until the end of July to file their claims to be considered for part of the payout.

The One Fund previously awarded nearly $61 million in donated funds during its first distribution of funds to victims.

The second distribution will still award amputees the highest payments and will continue to include victims with less severe injury, such as burns, hearing injuries, post-concussive syndrome, and other debilitating ailments.


On Saturday, Douglas K. Sheff, the president of the Massachusetts Bar Association, said he was glad that those who suffered and are still suffering from various degrees of injury related to the bombings will be included in the second distribution of funds, reported The Boston Globe.

“We are grateful that the One Fund appears to have listened to our concerns and crafted its protocol to be more inclusive of all survivors, including those with invisible injuries who are now more expressly eligible for cash gifts in addition to programmatic support.’’

Last year, The Washington Post reported that some bombing victims claimed the money they received from the One Fund’s first distribution was not enough to cover the medical attention they will require for the remainder of their lives.

This second distribution is intended to address that very issue, One Fund said.

The One Fund has had to contend with myriad false claims, including a pair of Boston brothers who were last week sentenced to prison for their role in trying to defraud the charity.

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