Segway-Riding Politician Is Tired of Talking About His Knockoff Segway

The Segway scooter is good for city tours, mall cops, and now, door-to-door campaigning.
The Segway scooter is good for city tours, mall cops, and now, door-to-door campaigning. –Eric Engman/AP

Like most politicians during campaign season, Massachusetts State Rep. Brian Mannal is going door-to-door in his district to get out the vote. Unlike other representatives, though, his ride of choice is a knockoff Segway.

Mannal and his “Freego’’ – the quiet, battery-powered scooter favored by mall cops and lame tourist groups – have been traveling the suburbs of the 2nd Barnstable District, the Cape Cod Times  writes. The Freego scooter, which Mannal bought with campaign funds, uses little energy and cuts down on his traveling time, a helpful addition to his political team.

“In some parts of the district, it’s just too far to walk, but it doesn’t really justify a car,’’ he told one potential voter.


For some reason, Mannal has found that the scooter has taken away from his main political message. “It can be a distraction,’’ Mannal said. “I don’t want it to overcome the conversation and just be a novelty.’’

He prefers to keep the oddity out of sight when knocking on doors and shaking hands, the better to avoid awkward conversations. Of course, that isn’t stopping him from promoting the Cape Cod Times article on his social media.

Interestingly enough, Mannal’s Republican opponent Adam Chaprales made a name for himself riding an electric scooter back in 2005. We mean that literally: Chaprales was nicknamed “Scooter’’ by his new government coworkers, the Cape Cod Times notes, for his electric scooter affinity.

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