Twitter Has Spoken: The Best #DOTspeak Slogan Ideas

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s sign on I-93 last month.
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s sign on I-93 last month. –Michael Dwyer/AP

While their “use yah blinkah’’ sign on I-93 was a hit last month, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has enlisted the public to come up with a new wicked awesome slogan to flash over the same highway. MassDOT will be crowdsourcing #DOTspeak suggestions from Twitter and Facebook until August 1st. The best traffic alerts about road rage, distracted driving, and seatbelts will be displayed on August 15-18, over Labor Day weekend, and over Columbus Day weekend, respectively.

The entries can not contain profanity and must follow character limitations: two panels, each with three lines of eight characters.

Here are our favorite suggestions so far:


1. “Text latah’’ is short and sweet.

2. Everyone could use a reminder to share the road.

3. Anything with a mention of being wicked smart would be appropriate.

4. A message to all those folks who use the left lane as the travel lane:

5. A reminder to keep our State Troopers safe:

6. “Pahk yah cah’’ (in Harvard Yard?) before you text.

7. “Use yah seatbelt, guy!’’

8. “Aggressive driving causes traffic.’’ Touché

9. “The T would be even slower’’ might calm some commuters down during traffic.

10. Anything about rubbernecking, really.

11. Any of these:

12. If only this one wasn’t too long:

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