Level 3 Sex Offender Arrested at Oak Grove MBTA Station

Jeffrey Harrell
Jeffrey Harrell –MBTA Transit Police

A man was arrested overnight after officers responded to Oak Grove MBTA station in Malden for a report of a man threatening an MBTA employee and refusing to leave the train station.

According to MBTA transit police, Jeffrey Harrell, 54, of Dorchester, became angry after missing the last train and began berating the employee and banging on the window of the employee’s booth.

Officers responded to the scene around 1:30 a.m. this morning, and discovered Harrell was a level 3 sex offender and had multiple warrants out for his arrest. He was allegedly wanted on a variety of charges including shoplifting, defrauding an innkeeper and destruction of property, open and gross lewdness, and failure to register as a sex offender.


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