Worcester Cop Charged with breaking into Ex-Wife’s Home and Assaulting Man

Northborough Police said a Worcester police officer broke into his ex-wife’s home last month and beat a man he found in a bedroom. William Stout, 44, was charged with home invasion, assault and battery, and other related charges.

The Northborough-Southborough Villager reports:

“According to (the ex-wife) her ex-husband was in his full Worcester Police Department uniform at the time he forced his way into her house and he did have his gun, which was holstered in his belt/waist area,’’ the report said.

Stout then went to a bedroom, where he attacked his ex-wife’s “companion’’ by “grabbing him by the neck and punching him several times, striking him in the face and neck area,’’ the report said.

Throughout the attack, Stout yelled “I will kill you,’’ repeatedly. When the assault was over, Stout told the man he would “murder’’ him if the man was ever around Stout’s family again, the report said.

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