New Real-Time MBTA Map Tracks Red, Orange, Blue Line Trains


Ever find yourself waiting ten, fifteen, maybe twenty minutes for the T, all the while wondering whether or not it would be faster to ditch the often unreliable MBTA and walk to your destination? You’re not alone.

Reddit user “Abetusk’’ is apparently new to Boston and claims to love the city already, but he or she may not love the MBTA so much. Abetusk created a web app that displays the real-time location of MBTA trains to thank the city.

The user posted the link to the new website this morning and said: “[Boston] seems like a really nice city with very nice people. As a ‘thank you’ for being so welcoming, I made a small and simple web app that displays the real time location of the Red, Orange and Blue line (sadly, the MBTA does not provide real-time GPS co-ordinates of the Green line, or I would have added that too).’’

Advertisement was launched July 4 and the creator has invited users to critique and hack the app if they feel changes are necessary. Abetusk described the site as “all free and open source.’’

Now we just need those Green Line coordinates, which the MBTA says could be available in “a few years.’’ The Transportation Authority claims they feel our pain and are currently working to design a tracking system for the always-busy Green Line.

In the meantime, you can track your red, orange, and blue line trains here instead of guessing how long your commute might take.

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