Incredible Pictures After Moose-Car Collision in Maine (Warning: Graphic)

Warning: Some of the images below may be considered graphic.

If you’ve never seen a moose in person before, prepare to be stunned, because they are enormous. With the largest moose growing to nearly 7 feet tall, nearly 11 feet long, and more than 1500 pounds, it is truly hard to imagine how big these animals are without some sort of known quantity to compare them to.

Well, thanks to a not-so-careful driver in Monson, Maine, we now have that comparison.

WMTW, a CBS affiliate in Maine, reported that a man driving on Route 15 last Thursday hit a moose with his car, miraculously only suffering broken bones in his hands and arms. Take a look at these pictures from WMTW reporter Paul Merrill and try and imagine how someone escapes this crash with only minor injuries.


The report cited the Maine Department of Public Safety as saying there are “over 500 moose-vehicle crashes annually, many resulting in serious injury.’’ And it’s not unheard of for those crashes to be fatal. The report added that while there were not fatalities in 2013 and 2011, there were two in 2012 and three in 2010.

And now 2014 can be added to that list. As of Tuesday morning, Maine had its first fatal moose-car crash of the year after 60-year-old Sidney Oakes of Brewer hit a moose on I-95 in Howland at approximately 1 a.m. He died at the scene, prompting state police to remind drivers to be especially careful at night.

Next time you see a moose crossing sign in Maine, slow down.

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