Thirsty Deer Breaks Into Weymouth Liquor Store

A deer with a possible alcohol problem broke into a Weymouth liquor store on Tuesday, alarming both patrons and bottles of Patron as it charged through the aisles.

The deer can be seen on Quick 6 Liquors’ security camera footage-turned-wildlife documentary. It crashed through the front window by the register and made its way to the wine aisle. There, it slowed its pace, possibly looking for something that paired well with venison.

The store’s owner, a customer, and a passing mailman were able to round the deer up and show it out. No one was hurt (except the deer, which “had a few cuts,’’ according to Fox 25), and only the store window and a few items near the register were damaged. Much to owner Tarlochan Gidda’s relief, the deer left his pricey vintages alone. Perhaps it was a Two Buck Chuck buck.


In all, it spent just five minutes in the store.

“He didn’t have his ID on him,’’ one employee told Fox 25. “We had to kick him out.’’

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