The Last of Pamela Smart’s Teen Accomplices Has Been Released

Of the five people convicted for crimes surrounding the scandalous murder of the husband of Pamela Smart, only Smart remains in prison all these years later.

William Flynn, the then-15-year-old lover of Pamela Smart and shooter of her husband Gregory, was moved to a minimum security prison in Maine last week as part of a work release program, WCVB reports.

Back in 1991, Flynn and three other young friends were arrested for various accomplice charges in the murder, with Flynn firing the fatal bullet. Since that time, all have been released from prison for their roles, save for Pamela Smart. She remains in prison for life without the chance of parole for her role in coercing Flynn and his friends to kill her husband.


The New Hampshire murder story was the focus of intense media coverage at the time. The story was memorably novelized and turned into several movies, most notably with Nicole Kidman playing a slightly fictionalized version of Smart in “To Die For.’’ A more recent film – “Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart’’ – previewed at Sundance earlier this year.

Aside from Flynn and Smart, the three other accomplices to the murder have been released from prison over the years. Patrick Randall, who was convicted of second-degree murder for holding down the victim with a knife to his throat, is now a minimum security inmate at a transitional work center, WCVB notes. Vance Lattime Jr., the driver of the getaway car, was released on parole in 2005. And Raymond Fowler, who waited in the car alongside Lattime, was paroled in 2003.

Smart’s spokesman criticized her continued imprisonment. “Is it justice for the men who are directly responsible for the murder of Greg Smart to be released while Pamela Smart — who was neither directly or indirectly responsible for his killing — remains in prison for the rest of her natural life without the possibility of parole?’’

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