Uxbridge PD: Stop Pooping on Trains From Overpass

The Uxbridge Police Department wants people to stop pooping on trains from overpasses.

Yes, it’s really happening, according to police.

The police department said in a Facebook post that it received complaints from P&W Railroad employees that people were defecating off of bridges and onto trains as they passed by.

“We have no idea what would possess someone to drop their pants and poop on a passing train, but guess what it is happening,’’ police said in a statement.

According to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the employees called police Monday evening to report that four people on a railroad bridge on Route 122 had “dropped their drawers and defecated on the train.’’

If found, those who unloaded the fecal freight could face a number of charges, among them disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and open and gross lewdness.


Police also had a stern message for perpetrators.

“Take this as a warning, if you are caught on the rail road tracks you will be arrested for trespassing, if you are caught “tagging’’ ANY property you will be arrested, if we catch you with your pants down [defecating] on the train you will be charged with everything we can find that fits the elements to the crime.’’

Uxbridge police are urging the public to contact them immediately if they see any suspicious activity around the railroad tracks in town.

(H/T Boston Magazine)

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