Mather School Kids Use Unbridled Cuteness to Lure President, First Lady

The students at Dorchester’s Mather Elementary School are proud of the institution’s 375 years in service, and they are aiming high for a birthday gift: They want President Barack Obama and First Lady Michele Obama to come and visit the nation’s first public elementary school.

They could have written letters, but everybody writes letters. They could have implored the Massachusetts congressional delegation to make their case, but Congress doesn’t get much done these days. Instead, the kids (with the help of the school system), grabbed some cameras and shot one of the cutest videos you’ll watch all year. Forget your politics for three-and-a-half minutes (seriously, just try, OK?) and enjoy the unbridled cuteness of the Mather students as they make the hard sell to the president and first lady:


This video has it all, from flattery:

“Michelle Obama is known for her appearance in Sesame Street, and it’s a pretty good season this year, I have to admit.’’

To promised feats of daring:

“I’ll play hopscotch with Michelle Obama!’’

“I would be willing to eat 50 asparagus heads and 25 Brussels sprouts!’’

To adorable begging:


Let us all echo the final bit of common sense from one student: How could he not come?

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